What Grade of Carpet Should YOU Buy? Take My Free Carpet Foot-Traffic Test To Find Out!

How much does carpet cost?

What grade of carpet do I need?

What makes one carpet better than another?

How long does carpet last?

Should I choose a Staple Fiber or a Continuous Filament? 

What’s the best carpet for kids and pets?

What padding should I choose and why?

These are all very important questions that you need honest answers to! If you really want to get your absolute BEST carpet deal, you MUST do your carpet homework! Don’t take chances by trusting the advice of carpet salespeople. 

As a 30 year veteran of the carpet business and a consumer advocate, I am uniquely qualified to teach you how to choose your new carpet wisely, show you how to save time, save money and avoid common carpet scams.

To get started, take my free Carpet Foot-Traffic Test to see what GRADE of Carpet will meet your needs, goals, budget and lifestyle! Take my Free Carpet Foot Traffic Test Now!

Where to buy carpet?

I never recommend buying carpet or flooring from Lowe’s, Home  Depot or Empire Today. Why? In my opinion, they are not the best way to go for most homeowners. I  only recommend buying carpet from reputable, locally owned carpet dealers who have been in business for many years and have a vested interest in your local community.

There are so many carpet scams and rip-offs today that you need to know how to avoid it is mind-boggling! You could go from store to store HOPING to find a good deal on the right carpet, the right pad and get qualified installation, or you could follow my advice and let me help you find a reputable carpet dealer. See who I recommend near you!

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