Month: August 2014

Carpet Measuring: Is Extra Carpet Needed For Seams?

Dear Alan, Thank you so much for your information on carpet and how to measure and purchase. I have had your recommended dealer out to measure to give me an estimate. We both came up with the same square footage of 566 but they added 118 sq. feet more making the total 684sq ft. Is that … Continue reading Carpet Measuring: Is Extra Carpet Needed For Seams?


Carpet and Pad Pricing Chart

How Much Does New Carpet Cost? New Carpet is more costly than most homeowners expect. To help you understand how much new carpet and padding will cost you, I've created a helpful New Carpet and Pad Pricing Chart. Homeowners, if you are in the market for new carpet you should first take my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test and then you … Continue reading Carpet and Pad Pricing Chart