Top 5 Carpet Buying Questions Answered

It’s what you don’t know that can cost you.  This is especially true when it comes to choosing new carpet. Here are the Top 5 Carpet Buying Questions Answered by the carpet professor. It helps to be an informed carpet shopper.

1. What Grade of Carpet Should I Buy?

Carpet SamplesYou need to determine the level of foot traffic in your home so you know what grade you need to buy. Take my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test to see where you stand.

2. How Much Does Carpet Cost?

CashYou need have a basic idea about how much you should spend on various grades of carpet that are designed to meet all your needs and goals. Check out my Basic Carpet Cost Guideline.

3. How Long Does Carpet Last?

Yearly ClockNew Carpet can last for 5 years or for more than 20 years depending on a how well it’s made and how well you take care of it. The key is knowing how to choose the right grade of Carpet based on your own unique needs, goals and lifestyle. Learn more about Carpet Fibers and Durability.

4. How Much Carpet Do I Need?

Tape Measure 2Most people don’t have a clue how to measure for carpet. It is important that you get an accurate measurement so you don’t pay more than you need to. Here is a quick way for you to get a close estimate of the amount of carpet your need. How to Measure for Carpet all by yourself.

5. Where Should I Buy Carpet?

Thinking EinsteinThere are 8 common retail sources where you can buy new carpet today. Read my free report: “Top 8 Best and Worst Places to Shop for New Carpet?”


Top 5 Carpet Buying Questions Answered.
Still Have Carpet Questions?
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Carpet Dealer Directory

It’s hard to find an honest and reputable carpet store these days! That’s why I created my own special hand-picked list of locally-owned carpet and flooring stores. They give free estimates, offer fair prices, have knowledgeable staff, provide honest measuring and use qualified installers. Are there any recommended Carpet Stores Near Me?


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