How To Buy Carpet Wholesale

In this report, you can learn about buying carpet at near wholesale prices from online carpet sellers. These dealers are all located near Dalton, Georgia, the Carpet Capital of the World! You can save up to 70% on new carpet if you know what you’re doing. I can show you how to avoid common pitfalls including; how to select the right carpet, and tips & tricks to negotiating your best carpet deal.

These so-called wholesale carpet sellers are known by many different names but they all offer new carpet at deep discounts. Your job is to make sure you by the right carpet at the right price and have it installed properly. It’s not as easy as most homeowners think! 

How to Buy Carpet Wholesale Online

There are plenty of honest and reputable carpet wholesalers and a few unscrupulous carpet wholesalers that you need to avoid. But even if you buy from an honest and reputable wholesaler, you still need to know how to do it right. They are in business to sell tons of carpet every day, every month and every year and they don’t have time to educate you or hold your hand every step of the way.

You must:

  • Know exactly what carpet you are buying, (brand, style, fiber, quality, price, specifications, durability, shipping cost etc.)
  • Know the terms of the contract, including return policies and warranty.
  • Avoid verbal promises. Every detail must be written into the contract.
  • Know your consumer rights and responsibilities. 
  • Understand how the purchase process works from start to finish and what you are expected to do.
  • Take the time to make sure every “T” is crossed and “I” is dotted. 

You can save a lot of money on new carpet if you do it right, but the key is to be well-informed. In this report, I explain the potential benefits and common pitfalls that you might encounter when you buying carpet online from a Dalton Georgia Carpet outlet store. You have a lot to gain, but you also have a lot to lose. Knowledge is power and I can help you be a winner.  

Come one come all…The call to great savings…

Internet ads, pop-ups, banner and display ads all shout “Buy Carpet Wholesale!” These are very common words on the internet these days. Is it really true that you can buy new carpet at wholesale prices? The answer is yes, sort of. Well, maybe. It’s quite possible. Let me explain. 

The truth is, buying carpet from any online source can be hazardous to your pocketbook if you don’t know what you are doing. On the other hand, you stand to save a ton of money if you take the time to learn how to buy carpet “wisely”. You need to understand how the carpet business works before you can make it work in your favor. The first thing you must do is know what grade of carpet you need to buy. I have created a free carpet foot traffic test to help you figure it out.

Buying carpet wholesale is not for everyone. 

You have to be able to spend a lot of time talking to salespeople on the phone ordering samples, probing, investigating and researching, comparing prices and products, interviewing carpet installers and preparing your home for the carpet delivery and the final event of having your carpet installed. It truly is a major event that requires making lots of phone calls, sending and receiving emails, ordering and viewing carpet samples and keeping track of all the details.

It can be mind-boggling and its way too much work for some people, and I don’t want you to think it will be a quick and easy task. It takes time to work out all the details, and it could take weeks before you get the whole job done. If you try to do it too fast, you could easily end up making a costly mistake and unhappy with the end result. You don’t want that. But you do want to save some money, right?  

A quick, easy and safe way to buy new carpet!

If you’ve ever been inside a locally owned carpet showroom no doubt you’ve seen the racks of new carpet samples. If you choose to buy from a local dealer you just visit the store, decide what grade of carpet you need and can afford, take a few samples home, settle on a carpet style and color you like and place your order. In a week or two the manufacturer will ship your new carpet to the retailer where you bought it. Their installers will load up the carpet and pad into their van and bring it all to your home and install it. You can usually get the whole job done in about two or three weeks. The local carpet retailer takes care of all the details while you sit back and relax. When it’s all finished you just write them a check. Ah! No worries, but you do end up paying a little more for all the great service.  

When you buy carpet from a Dalton carpet wholesaler, you can surely save money, but it takes a lot more time and effort on your part, and there is much more risk involved. You have to take care of all the arrangements from start to finish, including finding your own carpet installer. 

What is discounted carpet? 

Giant carpet manufacturers like Mohawk and Shaw make thousands of rolls of carpet every month. They have strict manufacturing specifications they must adhere to. If they make a roll of carpet that doesn’t make the grade, they will sell it as “seconds” to any carpet outlet store at a discount. These rolls of carpet usually have something wrong with them. It could be a color streaking problem or the dye was off color. There could be missing tufts or other surface defects. The backing could be defective.

You may never know why the mill sold it as seconds and that could come back to bite you. They all say that they sell first-quality goods and you might just believe them. But should you find something wrong with your new carpet you might need to ship the carpet back. That can be costly and inconvenient to say the least.

Sometimes carpet makers will discontinue a certain style or color and sell off all they have in stock to make room for a new style or color. In this case, there may not be anything physically wrong with the carpet, but the discount won’t be as attractive as those with an obvious or known defect. The mill will sell the carpet to the highest bidder or for what they feel it’s worth. Trust me; they know how much carpet is worth.

What does wholesale mean? True wholesale is when you buy directly from the manufacturer. Consumers cannot buy carpet directly from the carpet manufacturer; you must buy from an approved carpet reseller and they will certainly make a profit on the purchase. This means that if you buy from any online carpet reseller, you will not be buying carpet wholesale, but at a significant discount.

How to buy carpet at a discount.

Competition in the carpet business is fierce, so in order to compete for your business, wholesale carpet outlets advertise heavily and they use the internet to attract customers from all over the world. There are literally hundreds of carpet outlet stores in the state of Georgia, with billboards lined up all the way down the interstate highways.

Most carpet resellers have websites with photos and descriptions of their available products, specials, detailed installation information, customer testimonials, free price quotes and all about buying carpet or other flooring products from them. Sounds good so far, right? Not so fast!

There are a few ground rules you need to be aware of before you start shopping for discounted carpet online. First, I never recommend buying carpet from any online source that does not have a physical location and a good reputation, as verifiable through the local Better Business Bureau. Some carpet resellers are middlemen with a website, an office and an 800 number; they don’t have a warehouse full of carpet. They sell carpet from a long list that other carpet resellers provide; who do have a warehouse full of carpet.

Some Dalton Georgia carpet sellers are well-known from having national media attention, and national television ads but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Second, don’t believe everything a carpet salesperson tells you. No matter what questions you might ask, they might just tell you what you want to hear. “Sure, we can do that for you, no problem!” If promises are made, no matter how insignificant, get it all in writing before you sign on the dotted line.

The fine print can catch you off guard!

Dalton outlet stores sell products such as carpet, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, and area rugs at deep discounts. Many items they feature are seconds, close-outs, roll-ends, overstock specials, cabin-grade wood, promotional carpets, and other discounted floor coverings. You need to be absolutely sure about what you buy from them because there are NO RETURNS on any discounted goods, period. 

However, if you order first quality goods and are unsatisfied, you can return your carpet as long you bought the full roll (more than 30 yards) and it is unopened and uncut. Here’s the catch…There is a substantial re-stocking fee imposed of at least 15% and the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs. Special orders may be returned with a re-stock fee up to 70% and the customer is responsible for all return shipping costs. 

Return shipping could cost you hundreds.

What can go wrong? Maybe the carpet got wet or damaged during transport. Maybe they sent the wrong color, you may order a 45-ounce carpet and a 38-ounce carpet shows up. These are all common occurrences. Mistakes do happen and sometimes carpet has defects that are unforeseen. If there is a problem with the carpet it is your responsibility to prove it, document it, get photos, have it inspected, and eventually get authorization to return it and then hire a trucking company to pick up the carpet and return the carpet at your expense

Shipping a roll of carpet back to the vendor can cost you hundreds of dollars and be very difficult and time consuming. Just because you only paid $80 to have the carpet shipped to you does not mean that it will only cost you $80 to ship it back. These carpet sellers have negotiated a special arrangement with the shipping company to get huge discounts for volume, you don’t. It could easily cost you hundreds to ship a heavy roll of carpet back to where it came from!

You are also responsible for getting the roll of carpet wrapped up properly and put into the delivery truck. The trucking company does not show up with a forklift to move your carpet from your garage to the back of their truck. The driver will not lift a finger to help you, as it is not his job. When the shipping truck (carrier) arrives, it is your responsibility to quickly get the roll of carpet out of your garage (assuming that’s where it is) and loaded into the back of the delivery truck. Not an easy task when many rolls of carpet weigh in at over 500 pounds or more and opening to the back of the delivery truck is over four feet high. 

The fact is, once you buy a roll of carpet, you own it. This is where they have you over a barrel. They know that once you figure out how difficult it is to ship it back and how much it’s going to cost, you will likely decide to forget it and live with your defective carpet. Maybe you can sell it in your local newspaper or Craigslist. This is a very common problem that many unsuspecting homeowners experience every day.

How to Buy Carpet Wholesale Wisely

On the other hand, you can save a ton of money if you know exactly what you are doing and do all your carpet homework. In my 2011 Carpet Buying Guide, I explain how the entire carpet buying process works if you choose to buy from a Georgia carpet wholesaler. Learn more on my website at

©Alan J. Fletcher – Consumer Advocate and Author of “The Complete Carpet Buying Guide” ($14.95) is available at as a kindle ebook or as an instant download at

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