What Carpet Pad or Padding should I choose?

Choosing the right carpet padding is very important. You should not skimp on the pad unless you don’t plan on having your carpet last very long, or if you have pets that have lots of wet accidents, or if you are putting carpet in a rental where you allow pets. If the padding is for your home and you want your new carpet to last as long as possible, then you must select a padding that can support your carpet properly and is capable of handling all your needs and goals.

Padding for stairs must be of the highest quality or it will not last. A density of at least 8-pounds is what I suggest.

Carpet in basements must be able to breathe sufficiently to allow any moisture to evaporate up and through the pad and carpet. A synthetic fiber padding is a good choice for basements.

Most specialty pads (like moisture barrier, or baking soda infused pads) are unnecessary and are an added expense most homeowners do not require. Visit my website to learn more about selecting the right pad.

You need to learn more about padding specifications so you can choose wisely. Don’t rely on the advice of carpet salespeople to make choices for you. If they steer you wrong, you cannot go back and blame them later. It is your responsibility to make all the right choices to meet your needs, goals, lifestyle and budget.

Learn more about choosing the right carpet and padding at my free website Howtobuycarpet.com

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