Choosing the Right Carpet Pad.

What Carpet Padding Should I Select?

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Choosing the Right Carpet Padding

You shouldn’t skimp on the pad unless you don’t plan on having your carpet last very long.

Or if you have pets that have lots of wet accidents;

Or if you are putting carpet in a rental where you allow pets.

Either way, if you choose the correct padding for the application it will save you money and avoid headaches.

If the padding is for your home and you want your new carpet to last as long as possible, then you must select a padding that can support your carpet properly and is capable of handling your level of foot traffic.

Padding for stairs must be of sufficient density (at least 8-pound) or it will fail faster than other areas.

Carpet padding in basements must be able to breathe sufficiently to allow any moisture to evaporate up and through the pad and carpet.

Specialty Pads

Most specialty pads (odor eating and moisture barrier) are unnecessary and are an added expense most homeowners do not require and should avoid. There are so many types of pads you need to avoid I have them listed on my website. Don’t be fooled into buying an expensive carpet pad that does not work as they claim it will…

Visit my free carpet information website to learn more about selecting the right pad for you. I have posted many photos of various types of pads and you will learn how to select the right pad for your needs and goals.

It’s a free service for homeowners!

Learn everything you need to know about carpet padding at

5 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Carpet Pad.

  1. Getting ready to have Mohawk Amazing Inspiration 1/2″ twist made of SmartStrand Silk installed in our family/rec room. The room is on the lower level of an older split foyer home. It’s on a dry (never had moisture problems) concrete floor that’s partly below grade in places. Carpet dealer wanted me to use his 1/2″ medium grade bonded padding but I questioned using this. I called Mohawk and they recommended using a Synthetic Fiber padding with no barrier since it’s below grade. They recommended their Specifiers Choice 40 which is a 40 oz weight, 9.1 lb density, and .420 in thickness. I think I’m going with there recommendation. Is this a good choice? Thanks.


    1. Yes using a synthetic fiber pad in a basement is a great idea. You never want to use a moisture barrier padding over concrete because if any moisture becomes trapped it will cause mold and mildew to form under the carpet.


  2. You are so right. A lot of people spend way to much money on a pad that they will never see just because the salesman told them about this great pet padding that has enzymes in it. From a carpet cleaner perspective these never work and you are wasting your money.


  3. Are there pads available that have soundproofing qualities? What kind of pad would be most likely to block out the most noise?


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