State License Requirements for Carpet and Flooring Installers

Are you planning to hire a carpet installer or home improvement contractor to do work in your home? Here’s how to check to make sure they have the required State Contractor’s License

Carpet Installers License Requirements

State License Requirements & Regulations for Carpet and Flooring Installers

How to protect yourself?

Be proactive. Besides checking some references you need make sure your installer is doing business according to your state’s requirements.

If there is ever a problem with your installation, your best recourse is to have hired a contractor who is licensed, bonded and insured. It’s not required in all states so you need to check to see what your state requirements are.

Your carpet or flooring installer may be subject to State Licensing Regulations. Here is my latest information available so you can call to verify that your carpet installer is properly licensed with the state you live in.

If there are no state regulations governing carpet or flooring installers in your state, this means that you need to place more emphasis on checking references and withholding your final payment until you are completely satisfied with your carpet installation.

State License Requirements for Carpet and Flooring Installers


Visit My Website to see my complete list of  requirements for Licensing,  Surety bonding and Business Liability Insurance in your state.

State License Requirements for Carpet Installers

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Do a Walk-through When Your Installer Is finished.

You need to do a walk-through with your installer after your new carpet is installed. I have a free Carpet Installation Checklist you can print out from my website: New Carpet Installation Checklist


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