Shop At Home Carpet Retailers – What homeowners need to know

Shop At Home Carpet Retailers – What homeowners need to know

Ever wonder if those huge carpet and flooring discounts advertised on TV are really a good deal, or just another scam? And what’s the story on those shop-at-home carpet retailers that bring their samples to your home, are they really a smart way to buy carpet or just an over-priced, high-pressure sales pitch in my living room?

Now you can get all your questions answered and put all your fears to rest! There’s a new website called that provides free carpet information and advice by Alan Fletcher, a 30-year carpet buying expert, popular consumer advocate and author of The Complete Carpet Buying Guide.

Alan’s new website is designed to educate consumers about potential benefits and hazards when dealing with “shop-at-home” carpet retailers. “There are carpet scams to look out for and I reveal and explain how to avoid a number of common consumer problems on my new website” Alan reports.

Alan went on to say that one of the most difficult aspects about selecting the right carpet is choosing carpet that is capable of withstanding the level of foot traffic in your home. “If you choose the wrong carpet, as people very often do, your new carpet will not last as long as you expect” said Alan, “That’s why consumers need to predetermine their level of foot traffic before they begin shopping for carpet.”

To help homeowners, Alan has added a very special feature to his new website, a simple test to help rate their level of foot traffic. By answering a few simple questions visitors will come away knowing where they stand. Alan insists that this is the first and most important step in the carpet buying process.

According to Fletcher, once a homeowner determines their level of foot traffic, the next step is to decide how long they want their carpet to last. “When you combine the traffic level with the longevity factor, it will reveal the proper grade or quality of carpet to select, says Fletcher. The next step is calculating about how much carpet you need in order to figure out how much the project should cost. “This is the most important carpet information that consumers really need to know,” said Alan.

Fletcher firmly believes that Shopping for carpet at Home is the wave of the future and is in the process of compiling a nation-wide directory of shop-at-home carpet retailers who offer great service, guaranteed installation and reasonable prices. “Shopping for carpet in the comfort of your own home is a great way to be sure you select the right colors to match your decor, saves time from driving all over town and wasting money on transportation costs.” Says Fletcher.

Shopping for carpet in the comfort of your own living room can be a very satisfying experience, especially if you take advantage of Fletcher’s free carpet buying tips, tricks and secrets compiled from over three decades of carpet and flooring experience.

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