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Commercial Carpet Installation Photos

Commercial-grade patterned carpet installed over concrete in a clubhouse. Visit or

Best Carpet Choice For Stairs

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Best Carpet For Kids Rooms? Carpet Professor Has Your Answer!

If you have active kids and teenagers like I've had, you know first-hand that you cannot be in all places at all times and when your child spills grape juice or drops a peanut butter and jelly sandwich face-down on your carpet, it takes more than a just few minutes to get those stains to … Continue reading Best Carpet For Kids Rooms? Carpet Professor Has Your Answer!

Want New Carpet Installed Before Thanksgiving or Christmas? Better Hurry!

Read my new article about getting new carpet before the holidays. If you’ve got friends and relatives coming for Thanksgiving and Christmas you might be considering replacing your old carpet. Here are some “insider” tips and tricks to help you choose new carpet wisely, save time and money and be sure to get it installed … Continue reading Want New Carpet Installed Before Thanksgiving or Christmas? Better Hurry!

Smartstrand Carpet Complaint

This is an important post for those who are in the market for new carpet. Carpet defects are not common but when they do happen it can be difficult to get a remedy.

Carpet Selection and Buying Guide 2023

Smartstrand Carpet Complaint

Dear Alan

I am hoping you can offer some advice. We purchased Mohawk Smartstrand carpet for the master bedroom of a “seasonal” residence. Two adults and no pets inhabit the residence for approximately 5 months of the year.

The condo is in Florida. The carpet was purchased 8/2013. The carpet is showing excessive wear patterns anywhere we have to walk on and the carpet looks “matted” and frayed. Mohawk denied our claim because we didn’t have the carpet cleaned after 18 months. We pointed out that we had not been living in the residence for a total of 18 months. The store we purchased from in Naples, Florida asked us to have it cleaned and recommended a carpet cleaning company. Now after the cleaning, the carpet fibers look worse and the carpet looks dirty. The carpet cleaner also noted the wear patterns were not improved by the cleaning.

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How To Buy New Carpet Without getting Scammed?

The Truth About how to Buy New Carpet By Alan J. Fletcher – Carpet Expert & Consumer Advocate. Take your time choosing the right Carpet quality to meet your needs and goals. Don't be in a hurry to buy new carpet or flooring, take your time and do your homework if you want to save … Continue reading How To Buy New Carpet Without getting Scammed?