New Logo for the Carpet Professor,

New Logo and Lapel Button for Preferred Carpet Dealers.

Recognizable branding is a key factor in building solid trust and recognition for any business and has just revealed new logo that is sure to attract attention and encourage homeowners to buy new carpet and flooring from a select few reputable, locally-owned carpet dealers across America, that have each been hand-selected, and come highly recommended by Alan Fletcher aka the “Carpet Professor.”

Carpet and flooring dealers displaying the Carpet Professor button on their shirt and having the Carpet Professor Logo displayed on their front door or window will quickly identify them as having been carefully selected and respected as one of Alan’s Preferred Carpet Dealers, a designation that ensures homeowners will be treated right and get a fair and square deal on new carpet and flooring.

According the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 12,883 carpet or flooring retailers in 2010. There are less than 500 Preferred Carpet Dealers recommended by Alan Fletcher aka “The Carpet Professor” all across America.

Alan Fletcher, a trusted consumer advocate, is a 30+ year carpet expert and has been helping homeowners choose new carpet and flooring wisely, avoid scams and save money for over 18 years.

Visit  to learn more. Logo
New Logo and lapel button for Alan’s Preferred Carpet Dealers.
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