How To Avoid A Bad Carpet Buying Experience

A Common Carpet Buying Nightmare… After saving up for awhile you have finally stashed away enough money to buy new carpet for your home!

So you head over to a nearby carpet retailer and the salesperson helps you select the carpet of your dreams. After your new carpet is installed you are pleased with the way everything turned out. You love the color and how soft it feels underfoot.

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You upload photos of your beautiful new carpet to share on your social media page and are looking forward to inviting your family over for the holidays!


You feel confident recommending the carpet retailer to your friends and co-workers and post a positive review of your experience for the carpet retailer online.

Then a couple of years later… You now realize that your beautiful new carpet is starting to mat down and look ugly. Especially down the stairs and hall. and You see signs of wear along your main traffic areas and in front of your couch.

You try to spot clean these areas and vacuum the areas more often, but it doesn’t seem to help or make your carpet look any better… In a few months you come to the sad conclusion that it is getting worse.

“Unless you learn how to make wise and informed carpet choices this scenario could happen to you…”

Finally as your carpet continues to mat down, you decide to call the carpet dealer to complain. They send someone out to take a look, they take pictures and ask you a lot of questions. They ask to see your carpet cleaning receipts.

A few weeks later they inform you that your warranty claim for the carpet has been denied for one reason or another. Maybe it’s because there is no warranty coverage for “matting or crushing” of the carpet pile.


Maybe they blame it on a lousy installation job or maybe they blame you for not maintaining the carpet according to the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

The fact is, you did not choose a carpet designed to tolerate The level of foot traffic you have in your home.

Regardless of their reason for denying your warranty claim, you now have to live with your carpet until you are able to save up enough money to replace it, again.

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How To Avoid A Bad Carpet Buying Experience?

Some carpets are designed to tolerate heavy foot traffic and some are not. A good carpet salesperson will make sure you choose a carpet that is capable of tolerating the level of foot traffic you have in your home.

Some carpet salespeople are more concerned with “closing the deal” rather than making sure you choose a carpet that is designed meet your needs and goals.


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