Best time of year to buy new Carpet?

Homeowners can easily save a ton of time and money on new Carpet or other popular home improvement products, by knowing the best time to buy. Here is the best online source revealing when is the best time to buy common new products and especially new carpet and other popular products you might want to buy at the absolute best price this year, next year and beyond!

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2 thoughts on “Best time of year to buy new Carpet?

  1. The winter is the best time to buy carpet! The demand is in the summer, creating a less than likely chance of seeing sales & discounts! Winters are when construction lulls are the most frequent. Therefore retailers needing to move their product are at the most bulked up with needed rolls at that time! Here in the pacific northwest that woud be January & February!

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  2. Nice one! You really have a broad knowledge in carpet and you are right that winter season is the most appropriate time to buy twist pile carpet Horsham. But as a consumer I always look for the length of service. Thanks


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