Carpet Buying Guide: Should I Use a Moisture Barrier Padding?

Should I Use a Moisture Barrier Padding?

Some carpet salespeople recommend a moisture barrier pad to every customer. Moisture barrier pads are generally more costly than a standard padding and may be suitable in some circumstances. However, I have found that in most situations homeowners are mislead into thinking a moisture barrier pad can do more than they are actually designed to do.

Some claim that a Moisture Barrier pad will prevent spills from soaking into the pad. What benefit does that provide? Do I need that?

What Homeowners Need to Know….

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One thought on “Carpet Buying Guide: Should I Use a Moisture Barrier Padding?

  1. The proper technique used to install most standard pads is to staple the seams together or apply duct tape to the seams, staple the edges close to the tackless strip, and staple the rest of the pad every 6 to 12 inches to the floor. Under most circumstances this makes a very good and stable installation. In all cases this type of installation damages the protective layer. In the case of moisture barrier padding this type of installation completely renders the layer useless by letting the offending liquid to penetrate the pad and become trapped in the sub floor.


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