Shop-at-Home Carpet Scams – What consumers need to know…

Are you going to be in the market for new carpet anytime soon? Selecting the right carpet is more difficult than ever and it’s so easy to spend way more than you need to. Carpet Scams are more common than ever and homeowners need to learn how to avoid common pitfalls and especially how to avoid the “shop at home” carpet scams. 

Aside from the private label scam where they change the carpet style name and color to prevent you from comparison shopping, there are also pad scams, installation scams, bait and switch scams, measuring scams and unnecessary upgrade scams to name just a few.

To learn the best places to buy carpet and how protect yourself from falling victim to a carpet scam… Visit my free consumer information website to learn more

Alan Fletcher – Carpet expert and Consumer advocate. Visit Alan’s Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory at Http://


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