Avoid Carpet Scams – How to choose new carpet wisely, save time, money & headaches!

Have you ever bought a new car? The car dealerships have some sneaky tactics for sure, but they are all fairly predictable. Most of their sneaky sales tricks are publicized by watchdog groups and any consumer can be well advised if they do their homework first. But buying new Carpet for your home is a different story…

Retail carpet scams are  much easier to fall victim to because they are harder to detect and not well publicized. For example: Carpet salespeople have the unique opportunity to be able to come into your home to measure how much carpet you require. This is where they have the chance to quickly sum you up. They can take a look around and make an instant evaluation of your lifestyle and measure your financial status by what they see displayed inside and outside your home. Are there expensive cars in the driveway? Is the home located in an upscale neighborhood?

Sly carpet salespeople can quickly sum up your financial capabilities. This is where any homeowner can find themselves in a compromising situation. Do you trust that the salesperson is giving you and honest estimate? Or are you getting an inflated estimate? Are your carpet measurements accurate or are you being charged for more materials than you actually need? How would you know for sure? These are common carpet scams and there are plenty more that unsuspecting homeowners need to know about and watch out for. 

Consumer advocate Alan Fletcher can help you buy new carpet wisely – from start to finish!  A 30-year veteran of the carpet business, Alan’s 2011 Carpet Buying Guide gives you the information and knowledge you need to know how to choose new carpet wisely, save time, money & avoid headaches – Guaranteed!

Protect yourself and your carpet investment! Download your copy of Alan’s Carpet Buying Guide (ebook) for only $14.95.  The 2011 Complete Carpet Buying Guide by Alan J. Fletcher.  Visit Alan’s website to Learn more


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