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Good news for carpet retailers! According to Alan Fletcher, a popular consumer advocate, many homeowners may decide to skip their summer vacation this year and invest in new carpet or flooring instead. The bad news for flooring retailers? Consumers are looking for deep discounts.

Millions of homeowners are expecting a sizable tax return while many others have been saving their money waiting for just the right time to get the best flooring deals. The slow economy has affected virtually all retailers so the best time for consumers to negotiate their best deal on new carpet may be right now!  

Times are tough and many carpet dealers have already closed their doors. Carpet retailers need to act fast if they expect to survive the downturn in the economy.

Fletcher is the author of The Complete Carpet Buying Guide, and has been a trusted consumer advocate for over 10 years. He’s committed to serving the needs and goals of today’s homeowners.

“In our current economy, everyone knows it’s not a good time to sell a home, but many are finding out that right now is a great time to negotiate a great deal on home renovations! Many retailers are offering customers great deals to get them to buy now.” Fletcher says. “But in the carpet business, consumers are usually willing to pay a little more to be sure to receive first-class service, quality materials and guaranteed installation.”

Fletcher retired after 30-years in the carpet business, and since 1998 has developed a popular Consumer Carpet Buying Information Network. “My websites attract over 200,000 homeowners a year who count on me to provide accurate and honest carpet buying information to help them make wise choices.” said Fletcher. 

The most common question Fletcher receives from his readers?

Who should I buy carpet from?

To answer that question, Fletcher provides readers with a nationwide list of locally-owned carpet dealers that meet his criteria for inclusion. It’s called Alan’s Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory, and is located at

Fletcher has a message for carpet dealers. “Yellow pages and newspapers won’t do the trick anymore. Consumers are using the Internet to do their homework before they make major purchases. What have you done today to attract these web surfing homeowners to your store?”

“Every day, my free Carpet Information Network attracts hundreds of homeowners who are getting ready to buy new carpet. They count on me to provide honest and accurate carpet buying information and advice.” Fletcher said. “Last year over 24,000 readers cracked open my carpet directory, and I’m still looking for a few more reputable carpet retailers to recommend to my readers.”

Due to the popularity of Fletchers’ websites and being a trusted person of influence, a business listing in Fletcher’s Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory can help retailers increase sales and attract more customers from farther away.

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Alan J. Fletcher



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