Berber Carpet Advice

Berber carpet snags easily. Dogs with long toenails and kids with sharp objects, toys or other playthings can easily cause snags. Snags are difficult and expensive to repair. If you find a snag, don’t pull it, snip it off with scissors. If you have kids or pets, you might want to avoid buying berber carpet.

 Berber carpet has to be installed in a certain direction on stairs to prevent the rows from “smiling” as it wraps around the front of the stair. If the berber carpet on the stairs is not going the same direction as the carpet in the main rooms, it may not look very good. Berber carpet should be installed in the same direction, and the stairs are the deciding factor since berber must be installed in a certain direction on stairs. If you are having Berber carpet installed, think about the direction before you measure and place your order, you probably can’t change the carpet direction after the carpet has been measured and ordered.

Berber carpets with small loops tend to look better and retain their new appearance longer than berbers with large loops. Larger loops tend to collapse and fall over quickly, and when they do, rarely bounce back to look like new again. Most Berbers are made with a fiber called Olefin, also called Polypropylene. It is a strong fiber, but it does not clean easily.  Buying a Berber made with Nylon costs more, but is a much better way to go if you want a berber carpet that will last longer.  Berber carpets are more expensive to install because they are more difficult to install, as much as $1 or $2 more per yard.  A power-stretcher must be used to install berber carpet or wrinkles may develop. A special pad is required to keep the warranty in effect, usually 1/4″ thick and at least 8 pound density. I believe that using Chem-Dry to clean Berber carpets is the best way to go.  Hot water extraction, or the “steam cleaning” method can cause berber carpets to stretch-out and develope wrinkles if too much water is injected into the carpet and it soaks through  into the carpet backing and carpet padding.  Water is a mortal enemy of berber carpet and the Chem-Dry method uses very little water.

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