Did you try to make a carpet warranty claim?

Did your carpet have defects? did you try to make a valid carpet warranty claim? Did they tell you that your carpet problem is not covered under the carpet warranty? What is your story? What was the final outcome? What carpet fiber did you have, polyester? Consumers want to know the truth about carpet warranties. 

4 thoughts on “Did you try to make a carpet warranty claim?

  1. I had a new home built just over a year ago now. I reported a problem with the seam in the great room coming apart long before the 1 year anniversary of our closing date. Of course the vendor that installed the carpet took a month to get back to me and then sent out someone to inspect.

    That inspector, from the retailer (Eheart Interior Solutions of Loveland Colorado), made his assessment in less than 1 minute; it appeared to him that it was not anything covered under warranty. He looked at me, knowing full well I had dogs by the their barking from the basement, and asked; Did a dog urinate there? To which I answered “I don’t know, but if one did I can assure you it was promptly cleaned”. He then asked did some one spill something there? To which I answered “I don’t know but if they did I can assure you it was promptly cleaned.. this is a new house and we are very neat and clean people who do not let urine and spills remain on the floor”. He huffed and said “Well, it doesn’t appear to be anything covered under our warranty”.

    I promptly ushered him out the door, called his manager. My discussion with the manager centered around my sales experience. When I sat down with his sales person/designer she asked me 2 key questions; Do you have pets? yes.. Do you have kids?.. yes. Well, she strongly suggested that I upgrade to the best pad available (antimicrobial with a warrantee and moisture backing/resistent, etc.) and suggested I upgrade the carpet to stain blocker, 7 star rating and a 15 year warrantee. Her reasoning was the pets have accidents and kids spill things so it would be smart to have the backing of the warranty and the performance of the higher grade materials.. I bought it.

    And so my conversation went with the manager, me alluding to the fact the he upsold me at sales time and now is giving me the brush off at problem time. His response was that he would report it to the manufacturer of the carpet as a delamination problem, as he felt it was a most likely a defect in the manufacturing of the carpet itself.

    I was contacted by an independent inspection service that scheduled some time to come out and take a look at the problem. They arrived, a team of 2 which appeared to be the expert and his apprentice, to subject the carpet to a battery of test which looked like a crime scene investigation. He misted something on the carpet, took out his black light and commented to the apprentice, who was taking notes, that everything was clean, no pet urine. He took a ph test which he gave the rating and commented the ph was good. Then he opened up the seam scratched, sniffed, poked, prodded, pulled and sputtered notes for the apprentice to record.

    Finally he said; “Well, it looks like a delamination problem”. Hmmm, I could have told him that. And he says typically this is due to moisture in the area as in a spill that was left there for an extended period of time but it could be something else. He asked for a sample of the carpet which I gave him, I had some left over from the install in the basement. He left.

    2 weeks later; I get the news. The manufacturer is blaming it on the installer, claiming that they did not properly seal the seams when they installed it. So now I am back the installer/retailer who pointed the finger at the manufacturer in the first round. I am not surprised that now the manufacturer has their finger pointed staunchly in the direction of the installer. That leaves me in the middle with a carpet that is coming apart at the seams in my brand new home that is just a year old.

    I would love to hear from anyone else having the same type of problem.

    Joe O’Neil


  2. When you read the fine print in carpet warranties, you quickly come to realize that there are a lot of requirements being made upon the consumer and the carpet installer. For example, consumers must have the carpets cleaned every two years in order to keep the warranty in effect. If you don’t retain the cleaning receipts as proof, then your warranty is void. I have found that carpet manufacturers have worded their warranties in such a way that allows them to blame the homeowner or carpet installer for just about any carpet problem. For example, carpet must be installed at a temperature of at least 65-1/4 degrees or the warranty is void. The carpet must also be installed according to the CRI 105 standard. Part of that standard requires that carpets are delivered at least 24 hours prior to installation and be allowed to acclimate in the home at a temperature of at least 65-1/4 degrees. I don’t know of too many installers who have to opportunity to deliver the carpet a day or two before the installation is to take place. Most of the time the carpet is sitting in a cold warehouse right up until the day of installation. The carpet retailer has the installer pick it up and then head straight over to the customers home to install it. Often, on a cold day, the carpet is rolled out on a concrete driveway, cut into room sizes and taken into the home and installed. Carpet manufacturers often blame the installer because they know the installer will pay for the problem or lose his job or standing with the carpet retailer. As they say, everything rolls downhill and the installer is certainly standing at the bottom of the hill.


  3. I purchased a carpet almost three years ago. The carpet from year 1 has matted. The twists have come out in the heavy traffic areas. I called Home Depot 3 times over the past 2 years and was told nothing could be done about it. This last time they filed a complaint. They asked for my cleaning records which I didn’t have. They would not even look at the carpet. I was never told about this when I purchased it and it is not written anywhere on my receipts. I told them you get a written warranty on almost all poducts on the package. You get a written warranty when you buy a car of appliance. Why are carpet manufacturers able to get away with not giving it to consumers at the time of purchase. I was told it was on the back of the sample. I quess we are to take a pencil and paper and sit down and write the warranty out ourselves. Warranties on carpets are just a gimmick and trick the consumer into buying their product. The store or the manufacturer need to stand behind what they sell. I just purchased the day befoe this carpet again from Home Depot. Once again I was not told about any warranty and it was not listed on the samples I brought home. There comment was you got a receipt.


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