What is the best carpet pad for concrete basements?

What is the best pad for concrete floors? What is the best pad for stairs? What about these new fancy pads like odor eating and moisture barrier? Are they worth having or just another carpet scam to get consumers to pay more for something they don’t really need.  What are your experiences with carpet padding?


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3 thoughts on “What is the best carpet pad for concrete basements?

  1. Alan’s Complete Carpet Buying Guide Ebook is now available at http://www.abccarpets.com.

    “Alan, I received the ebook. Thanks so much for your continued concern in reaching me. I have learned a great deal from your ebook and I am glad I purchased it. – ED

    Alan, You do an incredible service to the net and carpet buying experience. I really view flooring sales and installation to be an unscrupulous industry after what we just went through. Thank You – David

    Alan, You have educated me well. My husband loves to see me go into these stores and ask all the right questions. It really is fun for the both of us. Have a great day! – Melody

    Alan, I recently downloaded your ebook in the interest of buying carpet for our finished basement. Two of the carpet salespeople we have so far approached became increasingly respectful as I cited your ebook in response to their representations, and both asked where I had gotten my information. In short, your ebook was very valuable and helped establish that I was not a “mark” to be exploited.

    Alan, Your ebook was worth every penny, alot of info packed into it. My family has been into real estate for over 50 years and I we always have purchased good carpet but didn’t realize the options and how important the
    installers are.

    Just a note to say thanks for all your brilliant info. I’m about to buy new carpeting for most of my house and your ebook has made the task of choosing what type to buy very much easier. Thanks again. All good wishes. – Sue Clark


  2. The Complete Carpet buying Guide is now available as a Kindle download at Amazon.com for only $9.99 – Here is the link…


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