Did you buy a Polyester Carpet?

Did a carpet salesperson tell you that polyester carpet was durable and long lasting? Did you buy a polyester carpet because it felt so soft? Did your polyester carpet mat down and Crush within the first year or so? Did you complain to the carpet retailer only to discover that the polyester carpet warranty does not cover matting or crushing? Good or bad, I want to hear your Polyester carpet story!

2 thoughts on “Did you buy a Polyester Carpet?

  1. I purchased an Olefin Berber carpet for my kitchen, and the salesman insisted that no padding should be used, and that it should be glued down. He also told me that I would never have any problem with it in regard to pulls, wear, stains, and it was more durable than nylon. I also have two dogs in my house, which he was well aware of. In less than a month the carpeting had pulls in several areas, matting and was crushed in the area where I sit by my kitchen table, and I had the glue coming up onto my woodwork besides.

    When I called the carpet retailer they tried to blame it on the manufacturer. After the manufacturer running two tests they stated that the carpeting was made to the proper specifications, and the damage was not due to their manufacturer. I insisted upon an independent inspector, who came to my home, move all of my kitchen chairs away from the table and placed them in areas where there was walking traffic only. When I received a copy of his report, I found out that he blamed the legs on my kitchen chairs for the pulls. Had he looked at the bottom he would have seen rug gliders on the bottom of each leg. He also blamed my dogs and their nails, and I know for a fact that they never caught their nails in any of the loops.

    I tried to get my own carpet inspector in to get another view point, and every inspector was either too busy or didn’t come into my area, even though they were listed for this area. It seemed that no one wanted to do the job for me. It took me two months to find someone, and he wrote up almost the same exact report as the first guy did. He told me that the olefin Berber should never have been sold to me for my kitchen, with pets in a house, and that I should never wear high heels or sneakers on this carpeting.

    After corresponding with the manufacturer of this Berber, they finally sent me their warranty booklet, and hi-lighted several areas. It seems that the salesman lied to me on every thing about this Olefin Berber, as the manufacturer’s warranty states that the warranty is null and void if installed in a kitchen, with pets in a house, and if it does not have the correct padding under it.

    I have this same Olefin Berber carpet going down the stairs to my basement, and padding was installed under this. Now my dogs run up and down these stairs several times a day to go outside, and I don’t even have one pull, no wear, etc. on it. So glueing the carpet down in the kitchen was definitely the wrong thing to do.

    I am in the process of taking the retailer to court on this, since their salesman misled me about everything on this carpet. Had I know all of these things from the start I would have chosen another type of carpet.

    This particular retailer fired the salesman right after I filed my complaint with them, and they also have fired two of their managers that I first was in contact with. They finally offered me a deal of my chosing another type of flooring, and they would split the bill 50% with me. I don’t feel I should have to pay one penney to them for this floor to be replaced, as it had major problems in less than a month. Besides why should I have to pay them for the removal of this carpet, for the installation of a new one, etc. I would be the loser, and they would probably come out ahead of the game any way.


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